The Meandering series came into being to provide relief from a series of burdensome but vitally important subjects, that were fraught with anxiety and sadness. My prints and I had entered a world of violence, terror, loneliness, wholesale murder, and injustice. Although there were many aesthetically transcending moments and technical achievements during these periods, the time had come to leave these troubling and historically important 4-part series of printings behind: Sociopolitical, Lightness of Being, Solitary Human Forms, and The Armenian Genocide.

Where was I to go to offset the inhumanity and suffering depicted in these prints? I was responsible for bringing them to life in my art. The savage content and imagery had become overwhelming, had taken a toll on me, weakening the impetus that was the driving force in bringing the Armenian Genocide into the public arena of art. The answer was closer than I thought when an unusual image-making problem became a solution and an inspirational idea for the Meandering series. 

In 2002 after finishing a printing procedure, the residual ink remaining on the plate caught my attention. The faint abstract image known as a "ghost", seemed a worthy background candidate for a final image-overprint I thought. Not having an image in mind, I began to think of possibilities before the ink dried. A nearby rope quickly caught my eye that was used to secure my large rolled up prints for further examination at my studio. An exciting process unfolded—that of painting the rope and placing it carefully on the "ghost" imaged plate in an interesting undulating configuration, then placing a new sheet of BFK paper over it, I hoped for the best, as the print passed through the press.

EARLY MEANDERINGS    Blead Monoprint  29.5" h x 41.5" w

EARLY MEANDERINGS    Blead Monoprint  29.5" h x 41.5" w

To my delighted surprise, the two images had joined together beautifully. The rope was transferred into curlicue-like segments of linear movements, crisscrossing each other. It was beyond anything I had imagined. On another level, embedded in the image was something imaginative beyond the beauty of the abstract—a suggestive figurative profile— thus the title: Figurative Meanderings. Years later this print was awarded a MGNE Honorable Mention

Fast forward to 2006, the Meanderings series began with the vivid memory of an undulating rope titled Figurative Meanderings. This monoprint would become  for a new uplifting series of prints.

The Meanderings series was conceived as having graceful linear forms passing through rectangular windows of space, color, and time. The forms share in a relationship of movements in a serene and gentle manner. The feelings of these forms are expressed through their undulating proximity: (close or distant). Although physically separated, they are enveloped by a mood-field of color and mutual peacefulness. Together they move gracefully to rhythmic sensuous ballet of changing proximities to the relational feelings of the passing forms.

The language of the Meanderings series, generally speaking, is a poetic combination derived from graphic and mindful translations using anthropomorphic and metaphoric associations as a means of capturing graphically human pathways that undulate in relational wonder and the beauty of art.


John Avakian, 2019


FIGURATIVE MEANDERINGS   Monoprint  Framed  32.5" x 25.5"

FIGURATIVE MEANDERINGS   Monoprint  Framed  32.5" x 25.5"